Capabilities- conversation en anglais


  • My Perfect English has the knowledge, language teaching experience and therefore the capability to address various language requirements for individuals and groups of various ages
  • With technical background in international working environment worldwide, this adds a dimension of international flavour to our approach and interactive conversational sessions that benefit our students, be it kids, students at College level, at BAC+1 and +2 levels and business people at the sharp edge of the engineering, procurement, banking, manufacturing, marketing and sales sectors.
  • As English is an international language used by over 1 billion people worldwide, it is very important that  our students, of all ages, benefit from our experience and our willingness to transmit the knowledge of English  (writing, reading, listening and speaking and comprehension) to our students, in a professional and structured manner.
  • Capability to offer courses on a group basis , on one - to - one basis and as Business English (in corporate management, engineering and business management roles)
  • Following Cambridge English or Oxford English methods. Bespoke courses are also possible tailored to individual's or group's needs.
  • Experience in creating role model scenarios to further the understanding of the English language and everyday conversational English.
  • Business coaching for business people, including preparation through role play for job interviews, CV editing, etc.
  • Over 5 years of experience in translating technical documents from French to English.
  • Our approach is to be pleasant, compassionate, kind, considerate and helpful to our students.
  • Availability to meet requirements to teach in Annecy and the Greater Annecy Area (Seynod, Cran Gevrier, Sevrier, St Jorioz, Veryier-sur-lac), Alby-sur-Cheran, Aix-les-Bains. Other geographical areas can be considered anglais conversation en anglais